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350             30 mins        Intro

600             1 hour         Rendezvous 

750             90 mins        Great release 

1000          2 hours       Getaway 

2500          6 hours        Arm candy 

 4000        Overnight play house 

I am almost always on tour with one of my hot girlfriends; so if you are interested in a duo session kindly double the original rates listed for her half as well. 

If there is a time requested that was not listed please don’t be hesitant to email me and inquire about it. 

I always host at a 4 star or above hotel and am more than willing to be hosted at your place, although I kindly ask for you to add 100 atop of the listed rate above depending on the time desired.

I enjoy making sure others are fulfilled and happy while also making sure both of us remain as safe as possible. So anything against my strict health practices is a firm no. I am not up for negotiations or bribes. 

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