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My tours last anywhere between 14 days - 45 days within the U.S 
I travel mainly on the east coast and in the Midwest but every so often I make my way to the west and southern coast. If I’m not scheduled to be close to you in the near future you can always fly me to you and book me all for yourself. (( Which I highly recommend. ))


 Dates are subject to change** based on bookings. If I do change a city your based in I apologize for the inconvenience. 

For this tour I will be travelling with a sexy girlfriend so of course duos are available and highly recommended as they are super fun for us to enjoy you and vice versa. 



Lafayette, Louisiana 9/18-9/20

Biloxi, Mississippi 9/20-9/22

Raleigh, North Carolina 9/22-9/25

Richmond, Virginia 9/25-9/27

College park, Maryland 9/27-9/29

Wilmington, Delaware 9/29-10/2

West Chester, New York 10/2-10/5

Columbus, Ohio 10/5-10/7

Chicago. Illinois 10/7-10/9

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 10/9-10/11

Madison, Wisconsin 10/11-10/13

Kansas City, Kansas 10/13-10/15

Fargo, North Dakota 10/15-10/17

Bismarck, North Dakota 10/17-10/19

Denver, Colorado 10/19-10/21

Colorado Springs, Colorado 10/21-10/23

Salt Lake City, Utah 10/23-10/25

Reno, Nevada 10/25-10/27

Sacramento. California 10/27-10/29

Santa Rosa, California 10/29-10/31

San Jose, California 10/31-11/2

Costa Mesa, California 11/2-11/4

San Diego, California 11/4-11/6

Phoenix, Arizona 11/6-11/10

Albuquerque, New Mexico 11/10-11/12

San Antonio, Texas 11/12-11/14

Austin, Texas 11/14-11/16

Dallas, Texas 11/16-12/1

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