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Celine banks | A Elite Companion

Homebase : Houston, TX
Age : 22
Height: 5’7 on a good day, 5’8 on a bad day ;)
Eye Color: Earthy Brown
Measurements: 40DD-36”-50”
Dress size: 10
European Shoe size: 41,41.5,42
American shoe size: 9.5-10 womens
(( 7y kids when I decide to wear some Nike dunks )) 
Tattoos/Piercings: A few tattoos that can be hidden 
Smoking: NO
Drinking: Socially
Favorite Quote : “ Some things in life aren’t for everyone to understand.”
Color : light pink, Dark green 
Cuisines: Seafood, Creole, Indian, Brazilian, Sushi
Flowers: White roses, Daisy’s, Tulips, orchids
Frangrances: Bond °9, Prada Candy, Chanel Chance, YSL, Black Opium 
Fragrance scent preference : I’m truthfully not to picky. I love all scents and gifts. Although I prefer more sweet scents with notes of vanilla, musk, or coconut. I am also open to trying out new scents. 
Brands: Good american, Victoria Secret, Honey Birdette, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Yeezy, Chanel
Likes : I love mind opening conversations. I consider my ability to talk all night if you let me a hobby. 
I love animals so anything to do with them I enjoy. I have all boy dogs ( a 2 year Japanese Akita, a 7 month English bulldog which sometimes travels with me, and I just adopted a Malaklis Shepard from Turkey. I love to read fantasy books. I am a true crime fanatic and hopeless conspiracy believer. I love to paint and draw when boredom strikes. And lastly I’m a great self taught chef. I can’t bake to save my life but I can be sure to keep your belly full on an extended/ overnight date. 
Food NO’s : I do not eat PORK. I am lactose intolerant although I still indulge myself in the mouth watering products of it.  Ughh. I also do not eat any weird named part of a animal. Just a mind thing I guess lol.

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The easiest way to spoil the woman that has your eye. All of my most wanted gift ideas in one place. Any and everything will make my day and is always appreciated.

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